About us

We pride ourselves in being the reliable one-stop shop for your serviced accommodation needs.

We had been observing the constant enquiries for recommendations:

Where is the best place to buy mattress protectors?

Where is the best place to purchase R2R insurance?

Where can I buy a good sound monitor?


Having experienced the same need for good quality resources while building our own power teams, we decided to step in and help so that our fellow property entrepreneurs can reduce the worry of building their power teams so they can concentrate on working on Just BnB!

That is how JustBnB was born – a ‘one-stop BnB shop,’ a directory of services and resources. 

We have put together a constantly growing list of the tips, deals, services, providers and resources that we have come across while setting up dozens of units of our own. 

Our aim at JustBnB is to connect you to services and resources that can help you build a strong power team that will provide the support you need to build your business successfully.

JustBnB will show you reviews and recommendations from REAL customers that have used the services of all the clients we list.

Do take a wander through our pages and please let us know if there is anything you need that we have not yet provided to help you ensure you can concentrate on Just BnB!

One-stop shop to serviced accommodation

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We offer service providers the platform to list their businesses and connect to people who need their services and products.

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We build a network of quality suppliers and service providers — from cleaning services, smart locks, security system, photography, property tax and insurance and all things hospitality-related.

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We help businesses move their services online. 

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